The trimming, a fundamental method for successful decorations

Many companies choose to rely on the system of the trimmings to create unique style decorations. It encompasses all those ornaments that help a cloth to acquire greater strength, although like it for its design dream.

Trimmings Textile Art Prato - furnishing fabrics

The trimmings offer available on our website

Our offer is extremely wide, as of furniture products manufactured with the help of the trimmings are present in abundance. If you want to give priority to the design, choose the creations made in silk, metal, wood, but also gold, silver and bronze. For the sake of functionality, rely on ribbons, bows, tassels, fringes, cords and more.

Hand trimmings and synthetic fibers

The braids can be done in two ways. In the past, he was the man to perform most of the work of this type. Nowadays, the machines have taken over, in full consistency with the passage of time. Whichever way they have been made the wallpaper or curtains, each applied trimmings can easily do the case at all.

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